About the Lilburn Residence

The former home of composer Douglas Lilburn (ONZ) in Thorndon, Wellington is now offered as a residence for New Zealand composers. The property is administered by the Lilburn Residence Trust, who ensure that the property is used in a manner befitting the legacy of New Zealand's most important composer of the twentieth century.

Douglas’ contribution to NZ music is too valuable to ignore, too important to forget.” — Roger Smith & Gareth Watkins, Radio NZ

Current Residents


The current residents are Jeroen Speak, the Creative New Zealand/Jack C. Richards Composer-in-Residence 2013–4, and partner Dorothy Ker, Visiting Research Fellow at the New Zealand School of Music.

Jeroen studied with Michael Finnissy, Sir Harrison Birtwistle and Jonathan Harvey, and has been recently featured at leading international festivals in Huddersfield, Amsterdam and Darmstadt. In 2004 Speak was awarded a fellowship to work in Taiwan, where he formed an ongoing collaboration with the Taiwan-based Forum Music. His work The Character of Time was premièred in 2006 at Darmstadt by Nicolas Hodges, and his percussion work Gu Ta was premiered (and subsequently released on CD) by the Forum Music Ensemble (Taiwan). Recent performances have been given by Elision Ensemble (Australia), Lontano (UK), Richard Haynes and Stroma (NZ).

Dorothy Ker is a Fellow at Sheffield University. Her research centres on developing new strategies for composition through collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects, exploiting technology and mixed media in the context of performance and theatre-based work. Forthcoming performances include a new work for the London Symphony Orchestra commissioned under the UBS Pioneers programme.

Find out more about Jeroen Speak and Dorothy Ker on the SOUNZ website.